Thursday, July 15, 2010

Razzle Dazzle: Fame Through Movies, Chapter 4: The Parasite

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Craig said...

Rupert Pupkin and Robert Ford are classic examples of this theme -- one in a movie that looked further ahead than perhaps its makers even realized, the other going back in time. It makes me wonder if "The Parasite," as an archetype, might even be outdated: the Pupkins of today just go on YouTube or audition for reality shows. There are so many ways around the traditional path to success that Jerry Langford speaks of.

I'm not sure "Zodiac" and "Summer of Sam" really fit into this topic. Certainly, the killers are seeking a degree of fame, but the kind that gets their actions noticed rather than their faces. That seems to be a different agenda than that of Travis Bickle or Robert Ford, whose violent acts, however warped, derive from specific motives and less from uncontrollable impulses. I don't see the Zodiac and Sam as attaching themselves to and devouring a particular host -- unless society is the host. They definitely tie into the theme of celebrity, just not sure where.